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The gear list below has been tried and tested by us in Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and the USA.

Fortunately when prepping for this BIG trip we already had the bicycles and most of the gear required. Beau has a touch of a ‘single track mind’ and over the course of the last few years has canvased and acquired kit which more often than not has stood the test of time through various tours and adventures. The comprehensive list below details what gear each of us is hauling on our trip.

One thing to note on both our set ups…you will probably notice that the gear detailed below is a mix of bikepacking and biketouring gear. This set up is a result of doing separate bikepacking and biketouring trips in the past and putting together rigs using the best of both worlds…or at least that is how Beau sells it to Emm when acquiring new gear 😂. The Frankenstein bikes and setups detailed below are well suited to long road or gravel road tours but can easily be stripped down for some light off-road action should the opportunity arise 🤞. We have included prices (assume AUD unless stated otherwise), some photos for the more interesting stuff and external website links for most of the gear for your convenience. When it states x 2 this means we are both using this accessory or piece of gear. Hope you enjoy this list as recounting it took ages 😜.

Comment below or contact us @beepicbikepacking on Instagram if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you and we are both happy to offer advice and tips of our experience so far.

B & E


FRAME: Turner Cyclosys Size Large (56cm equivalent of old school Roadie essentially) with TRP Carbon Fork – $1045USD (Turner Cyclosys Frame)

RACKS: Old Man Mountain Sherpa Rack (racks attached with p-clips and custom 142x12mm through axle system produced but OMM – as the bikes do not have rack bosses) – $241.99USD (Old Man Mountain Rack )

WHEELSET: (sorry no links for these as I bought and built the wheels myself ☹️)
Emma’s Front Wheel – STANS NoTubes Grail 32 hole rim laced to Hope Pro Evo 4 Hub (100x15mm thru axle) with DT Swiss Double Butted Competition Spokes
Emma’s Rear Wheel – STANS NoTubes Grail 32 hole rim laced to Hope Pro Evo 4 Hub (142x12mm thru axle) with DT Swiss Double Butted Competition Spokes
Beau’s Front Wheel – STANS NoTubes Grail 32 hole rim laced to Hope Pro Evo 2 Hub (100x15mm thru axle) with DT Swiss Double Butted Competition Spokes
Beau’s Rear Wheel – STANS NoTubes Grail 32 hole rim laced to Hope Pro Evo 2 Hub (142x12mm thru axle) with DT Swiss Double Butted Competition Spokes
Each wheelset costs approx $550 but I did build the wheels myself and so saved a little here.
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 700c x 35mm Tyres (tubeless) – €34.90 each (Schwalbe Marathon Supreme)

Crankset: Shimano Ultegra 50/34 – $269 (Shimano Ultegra Crankset)

Cassette: Shimano XT 11-42 – $114 (Shimano XT 11-42 Cassette)

Gear/brake lever and brake calipers: Shimano Ultegra ST-RS684 11 speed hydraulic STI shifter/brake – $800 approx for front and rear sets (Shimano Ultegra ST-RS684 11 speed hydraulic STI shifter/brake)

Gear Pull Ratio Adapter: Wolftooth Tanpan Shimano 11 speed mtb to STI converter INLINE (required to allow use of a Shimano mtb cassette with road shifters due to different pull ratios of road vs mtb) – $42.95USD (Wolftooth Tanpan)


Emma – 3T Pro compact 42cm – $90 approx
Beau – Surly Cowbell handlebar 42cm (super flared dropped handlebars which make mtb more of an option for this bike #moreleverage) – $75USD (Surly Cowbell 2)

Emma – Selle SMP Lite 209 – $349 (Selle SMP Lite 209 Saddle)
Beau – Selle SMP Dynamic – $349 (Selle SMP Dynamic Saddle)

Bottle cages and Do Anything Mounts:
Emma – King Cage Stainless Steel Bottle Cage mourned with 2x King Cage Pipe Clamps – $30USD total (King Cage)
Beau – King Cage Many Things Cage mounted with 3x King Cage Pipe Clamps (can secure cylindrical objects to downturn such as bottles, dry bags etc. The pipe clamps are required for downtubes without bottle mounts and provide fixing points) – $73USD total (King Cage)

Emma – SKS bottle mounts for forks – €12.95 (SKS Bottle Mounts)

Beau – twofish bottle mounts for forks
Note both above bottle cage mounts are affixed to the forks via duck tape. Been holding strong for over 5500km thus far plus some bikepacking adventures in past! – $14.95USD (


Frame bag:
E – Apidura size medium full frame bag (non waterproof) £155 (Apidura Frame Bag)
B – Rogue Panda custom made frame bag with roll top closure and additional zip pocket (waterproof) – $195USD (Rogue Panda Frame Bag)

Handlebar bags:
E – Apidura Fromt Roll 14litre bag paired with additional handlebar bag pocket (waterproof) – £174 (Apidura 14 litre Front Roll Dry Bag and Apidura Front Roll Bag Clip On Accessory Pocket 4.5 litre)
B – Revelate Designs Harness (holds cylindrical objects of various sizes used to hold a sleeping bag inside an OR drybag) paired with a Egress clip on handlebar bag pocket with roll top closure (waterproof) – $151USD total (Revelate Designs Front Harness System and Revelate Designs Front Harness Clip On Accessory Pocket)

Saddle bag: Apidura large saddle bag x 2 (waterproof) – £113 each (Apidura 14 litre Dry Saddle Bag)

Pannier rack bags:
Ortlieb Back-roller Classic pannier bags x 2 sets – $219 per set (Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Pannier Bags)

Accessory bags:
Apidura large top tube bag x 2 – £39.5 each (
Apidura feed bag – £44 (Apidura Feed Accessory Bag 1 litre)
Revelate Designs Mountain feed bag – $49USD (Revelate Designs Accessory Mountain Feed Bag)

Day packs: REI CO.OP flash 18 litre backpack (lightweight easy to stow backpack we store in pannier when not in use) x 2 – $39USD each – try and get one at one of the many rei sales (REI Flash 18 Light Weight Backpack)

Tent: Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2 person tent ⛺️ in orange plus groundsheet (would prefer stealth green for wild camping but not available in Aus ☹️) – $699 (Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 2 Person Tent)

Sleeping Mat: Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Air Mat Large x 2 – $240 each (Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Sleeping Mat)

Sleeping Bag:
E – Mountain Designs mummy style -7 deg bag – $200 approx (no link bought in store years ago)
B – Feathered Friends Flicker 20 quilt style -7 deg bag – $389USD (Feathered Friends Flicker 20 Sleeping Bag)

Cooking set: Trangia 27-8 UL Hardanodized Pots/Pan + Kettle Cookset
Stove and cookset –
– Trangia 27-8 Hard Anodized Cook Set with kettle (uses spirit burner) – $215
(Trangia Cookset)

– SOTO Micro regulator gas burner – $90 (SOTO Gas Burner)


Bowls/plates: GSI nesting bowl and mug set – $16 (GSI Nested Bowl and Cup)

Do everything knife – Rapala ceramic knife – $18 (no link store bought)
Spork – Light my Fire spork x 2 – $8 (Spork)

Cache battery:  Anker 26800 (26800mAh battery with 2 input for fast recharge and 3 USB outlets) (Anker 26800mAh Cache Battery)
Solar Panel: Anker Powerport Solar 2 (3W 3 panel 2 outlet solar panel) – $199USD (Anker 3W 2 Port Solar Panel)

TOOLS AND BICYCLE SPARES: (no links are provided for following items. Just listing these to account for gear we have bright along on our trip for anyone interested)
Multitool: Crank Brothers 19 function mutltitool – $40 approx
Leatherman: Skeletool plier/multitool $150 approx
Emma – Lezeyne HV Hand Floor Pump with built in Pressure Gauge $80 (awesome pump which inflate tires easily with high volume tube. Way better than mini pump in my opinion unless you enjoy RSI 😜)Beau: Lezeyne mini pump – $50 (backup pump)
Tubes: lightweight Schwalbe tubes x 3 (we are running the tires tubeless currently but still carry sufficient spares in case of blow out) – $14 each
Sealant: 250ml STANS NoTubes liquid sealant x 2 – $12 each
Tire lever: park tools tire lever x 2 – $5
Brake pads: Shimano XT Metal Resin Pads x 3 $35 per set
Gear cables: Shimano gear cable x 2 – $8 each
Derailleur Hanger: Turner derailleur hanger x 2 – $30 each
– DT Swiss competition spokes x 4 (spare from wheel build) – $freeish?
– Fabric spoke for road side patch – $20
Tire patch kit: tire patch kit (little gel type rods you push through tire cuts too large for Sealant to fix: really awesome spare to carry in your kit) – $5
Tape: Roll of duck tape (seriously don’t leave home without one. So many roadside repairs can be quickly fixed with duck tape!) – $5

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